Electronic Cigarette Domains For Sale

I just saw this press release today.  What a great set if domains up for sale for a company looking to take over the e cigarette industry.

SEO Positive E-Cig Domain Portfolio Offers Hegemony to Industry Buyer

Las Vegas – Nevada, June 27th, 2013 – E-commerce Marketing Inc., couples top notch domains with top notch SEO in an industry with erupting search volume and no pay-per-click solution due to legalities making SEO traffic a more vital commodity.

Company owner and CEO, Matt Jackson stated, “We have obviously good domains with an SEO team lead by one of the best in the profession.  The overarching strategy was to field a top tier set of domains in large number with the best SEO staff possible. With the sharply increasing organic search traffic out there, we have a data driven and data proven formula for prolific hegemony in this market when it comes to traffic.”

The portfolio list is shared live at www.ecigdomainportfolio.com.  Details, research, data on traffic and the actual Google Analytics reports for all items are shared there as well.  The company wants to share the growth progress as well as logic as openly and transparently as possible.

“There is no strong traffic presence in an industry that needs it.  As an ad network and pay-per-click solution this portfolio could be the central hub and revenue engine.  Though the critical mass, land control and search position advantage that this portfolio comes with is probably something that would give one of the larger companies a decisive advantage over the rest. ” quipped Jackson.

The whole portfolio is being outfitted with original content as SEO coding.  Currently, with 150 sites built on these domains the traffic is already growing rapidly, clearly and will be updated as more domains are built out in this fashion.

“Check out what people want at Sedo or other domain auction houses for parked domains of lesser vanity and traffic prowess with no SEO at all and take a look at our list and stats again.  We put links to those auction houses with their prices on our portfolio site and encourage those lists to be compared with ours,” added Jackson.

Serious offers are currently being entertained by emailing the address located on the previously mentioned website.  This is the largest electronic cigarette traffic asset on the market to date with fully transparent logic and statistics shared for all perspective buyers.


Why it is important to run windows updates

Microsoft products are part of our every day life.  Every one of us uses one of their products whether we know it or not on a daily basis.  If you are a PC user, you know that you consistently give notified of windows updates.  It is very important that you apply these updates.

Windows update benefits:

They improve your Pc performance- they replace old buggy files with new one. They also helps programs interact better with other programs, applications, and devices.  As a result this makes Windows operating system faster and more stable.

Enhance Security-  these updates help builds up the defenses of your PC against the old and new viruses, spyware, malware, keylogger, worms, Trojans, and root-kits among other dangerous infections.

Fix Internal Glitches- Updates regularly re-tunes the settings and repair Windows as well as all the associated programs attached to them. Updates remove the glitches that block the Windows from operating at its greater efficiency.

These are the reasons that it is beneficial for you to regularly update your pc.

Voice Over IP Phones

Using a Voice Over Ip phone can save you a lot of money.  It takes advantage of several inventions and available technologies to lower your telephone bill cost tremendously.  Let me break down how it works and how it can save you a lot of money.

Voice over IP phones are cost effective. They can save you money.  Roughly between 80%-90% on monthly telephone bill. The VoIP system does not require any additional installation costs. It is also cheaper to maintain they a conventional phone. All your local and long distance calls will no longer cost you a thing.

Voice over IP phones are flexible.  They offer scalability and portability. These devices allows seamless phone call capability as long as you have a high speed Internet connection available.

The VoIP system allows users to easily expand their phone lines. You can maintain these connections through a single VoIP phone. The portability of the device also allows it to be conveniently brought and used anywhere by individual who are always on the go.

Voice over IP phones allows emails, applications, web conferencing date and video. This is an example of another benefit of them over regular phones.

In summary, a voice over IP phone is cost effective and offers you tremendous savings without having to sacrifice anything in terms of quality of service.

Top Tablets

1.) iPad 2 refines an already excellent product. Its easy-to-use interface, vast app catalog, and marathon battery life bolster Apple’s claim to being the king of tablets.

Price: $518.00 (check prices)

4 stars

2.) Sony Tablet S (32GB)

Sony Tablet took its time with Tablet S, and it shows. The industrial design is smart, and the software refinements are both practical and restrained.

Price: $559.99 – $599.99

3.) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (16GB)

Sleek, sexy, and light, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets as close to the iPad 2 as any Android tablet before it.

Price: $498.00 – $515.00 (check prices)

4.) Asus Eee Pad Transformer (16GB, Wi-Fi)

Asus Eee Pad Transformer is a low-price, quality Honeycomb tablet with useful options.

Price: $389.88 – $440.85

5.) BlackBerry PlayBook (16GB)

BlackBerry PlayBook ably showcases RIM’s powerful new mobile operating system, but its middling size diminishes many of its best features.

Price: $359.99 – $514.27

Jeff Lowe – Tech Savvy real estate agent

As technology and the Internet continue to grow, tech geeks like myself need real estate agents who are tech savvy.  We want our real estate on Facebook, with his own Youtube Channel, Twitting his whereabouts.  We want him available for text messages.  Basically we want him to know and be able to communication with us on as many means as possible.

We want to be able to view properties on our Tablet.  We want to see videos of properties and photos sent via email.  Boy have I found the perfect real estate for me needs.  Jeff Lowe, is the technology savvy real estate agent that caters to my technology needs.  Jeff makes my light easy.  Jeff texts me with property listings.  He sends me links to the Bridgeport properties that I want to see.  Jeff Lowe has is own property channel on Youtube so I can check out all the properties that he is listing.  He makes life easy for my lazy ass.

Iphone on Sprint

Although it has not been officially announce, the worst secret in tele communication was proven as fact on apple.com today.  With Apple’s announcement of the new 4S Iphone, to on the Apple website, Sprint is displayed as places that you can use the new Iphone 4S on.

Lets get this over with and tell us that the Iphone will be available on October 14th.  You got 10 more days to do it so lets get this over with.

Samsung Epic Battery

Are you like all adroid phone owner who have batteries that seem to always need recharging.  Does it seem like your battery never last the day.  Well here are some little things that you can do to help you phone battery last longer:

1.   Turn off Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS if you are not currently using them.  Just turn them on when you are using them and turn them off when you are done.  These features suck alot of power.

2.   Reduce the brightness of the display of your phone.  Also set it so that your power is in power saving mode and reduce the time period when your phone shut off due to non activity.

3.   Download the Advance Task Killer apps and kill all the apps that are running on your phone that you are not using.  I check this app a few times a day and kill those energy consuming apps.  Believe it or not the apps run even when we are not using them cause they check for updates, information, or data to run properly.

4.  Uninstall apps that you don’t use.

Expensive Iphone Rates On Verizon

Verizon release their rates for the soon to be available Iphones on the Verizon network today.  The basic voice plan including 450 minutes per month will start at $40.00.  A voice and text plan including unlimited text minutes will start at $60.00.   A separate data plan for getting emails and internet browsing will cost an extra $30 a month.  Now that seems pricey to me.  I rather stick with my current plan with the Blackberry than pay those expenses for the right to play some games on the phone.

I wonder how that compares to the Iphone cost on the AT&T network.

Nintendo 3DS $250.00

The new Nintendo 3DS which is set to arrive in the United States on March 27, 2011 will cost $250.00.  That is right the first 3d gaming console that does not require that the user wear glasses for the 3d effects to work will be coming out in March.

The counsel features a touch screen on the bottom and a 3-D screen on top. It has three cameras, one facing the user and two facing outward. The latter two let you take 3-D photos, which can be instantly displayed on the screen. There’s also an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which track players’ movements and how they tilt the screen, so that they can see the 3-D games from different angles.

Nintendo expect about 30 games to be availabe on the new handheld console in the first year.

Professor Install Camera On Head

A New York Professor install what teacher throughout history have always wanted, a second set of eyes in the back of their heads.  In modern times, this professor was able to accomplish this by surgically attaching a video camera to the back of his head.

The images will be upload and stored.  An image will be take once a minute for a period of one year.

The images will then be transmitted to Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, he said, featuring an exhibit entitled “Told/Untold/Retold” in time for the museum’s December 30 opening, according to a museum statement.

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